"Michael Frerking and LIVING SYSTEMS Sustainable Architecture are designing and building homes that incorporate technology years beyond anything else that is commonly seen in the domestic home building market."

(From GREEN BUILDING & DESIGN magazine, 2012.)

At left: One of 5 homes designed by Living Systems that were built in Borrego Springs, California, and featured in Newsweek magazine for their sustainable attributes. They were designed to handle temperatures of over 115F.



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Great room in this Sedona, AZ, home (Read more)

Read about this light-filled great room and its "light shelf."

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Sustainable house in Borrego Springs, CA




What is a Net-Plus Home? ….

Simply….. one that produces more water and energy than the building requires.

That means that a home designed and built by LIVING SYSTEMS is one in which:

• NO off-site energy is used to heat, cool, run appliances or provide lighting within the home. In fact, excess energy is often returned to the grid through a line-tie system that connects the home's photovoltaic system with the community grid.

• ALL home and irrigation water needs come directly from the harvesting of rainwater and all excess water is returned to the earth to replenish aquifers.

• ENERGY ratings exceed the LEED for Homes standard and score 0 on Energy Star (0 out of 100 is the best score possible).

• BUILDING envelope R-values actually exceed the International Energy Efficiency Code Standards for 2006 by 300%; window and door R-values range from R-5 to R-9; walls are R-35 and the roof is R-50.

spacerAbove: Enticing entrance to this high-mass, poured earth home in Phoenix, AZ. Note on the south wall (in the distance), the overhang that also acts as a "light shelf" for the clerestory windows above. A signature design element of homes by Michael Frerking of Living Systems, light is reflected off of the upper side of the overhang through the clerestory windows where it is then "bounced" up onto the ceiling to bring in bright light throughout the space but without glare.

Living Systems Sustainable Architecture (LSSA) and Living Systems Building Group (LSBG) are in the process of building their second "net-plus" home in Prescott, Arizona.

(READ more about Living Systems' most recent project and follow the weekly progress of its construction).